Choose A Theme

If your are a gift-giver, choosing a theme is one of the most dificult dilemmas you face when you wanna start a new gifting project.

Curate Your Tea & Items

Now you picked your theme?  Now we’re going to curate your tea products. We will help you select the tea that fit to your gift.

Unforgettable Unboxing

High-end packaging is important and powerful because it’s the first impression of your gift.

Corporate Gift

If you’re in charge of gifting in your corporation, buying tea as a gifts ore designed a unisex tea box for everyone is a great way to stay within budget.

[thb_image animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1835″]Teministeriet corporate gift box.[/thb_image]

“We will get you there”

If you wanna learn how to give impressive unisex tea gifts? We will help you and you’ll be well on your way  giving unique tea boxes to the employer in your organisation.

[thb_image retina=”retina_size” animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1837″]Always nice to get a gift.[/thb_image]
[thb_image animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1839″]5 x Teministeriet for tea lovers[/thb_image]

Start Your Project

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