Serve and sell our teas. Your customers will find there favorite tea.


Visitors in any hotel love when they feel they get that little extra.


Serving size tins look great in any reaturant ore hotell room.

Food Service

Do you serve premium teas for your customers ore visitors? Get in touch with us we will help you select the finest teas for the perfect experience.

[thb_image animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1345″]Teministeriet a great partner for your cafe.[/thb_image]

“Tea that looks and taste fantastic”

  1. We help you select your tea blends.
  2. We help you design and source your packaging.
  3. We blend, pack and send the teas to you.

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[thb_image retina=”retina_size” animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1728″]Supertea preferred solution at any hotel breakfast[/thb_image]
[thb_image animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1290″]Teministeriet for serving in hotel rooms ore the little extra in restaurants[/thb_image]