Consept & Interior Stores

Tea is a great way to get the customers back to your store, tea drinkers stay loyal to there favorite tea.

Spa, Yoga Studios & Hairdressers

Relaxing, exercising ore getting your hair done, its always nice with a cup of tea

Health Food & Organic Stores

Lots of our teas are organic certified and are only made with natural ingredients.

Retail Stores

Get the best looking and the greatest tasting teas in your store ore studio? Get in touch with us we will help you select the finest teas your needs.

[thb_image animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1250″]Supertea stands out on the shelfs.[/thb_image]

“Tea that looks and taste fantastic”

  1. We help you select your tea blends.
  2. We help you design and source your packaging.
  3. We blend, pack and send the teas to you.

[thb_image retina=”retina_size” animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1745″]Supertea always a color to match [/thb_image]
[thb_image animation=”animation fade-in” image=”1748″]Teministeriet inspering Scandinavian style tea[/thb_image]

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